The Heazlewood Group

Department of Chemistry University of Oxford

Dr Brianna Heazlewood


Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory

South Parks Road

Oxford, UK OX1 3QZ

office: +44 (0)1865 275467

lab: +44 (0) 1865 275472

We are interested in studying the field of cold chemistry, using cold conditions to explore how reactive collisions occur.  Cold environments – typically temperatures less than 1 Kelvin – allow us to control reactions, providing information about the reaction processes and the underlying potential surfaces.  Much of this detail is lost at higher temperatures, where thermal averaging complicates our interpretation of the dynamics at play.  In the past few decades, extraordinary progress has been made in the development of techniques to manipulate cold species.  Alongside Professor Tim Softley (University of Birmingham), we employ a number of these techniques to investigate ion-neutral reactive collisions with unprecedented control and precision.